FIM2010–Bay Area FIM Users Group

Yesterday marked a good day for FIM in the Bay Area. A FIM users group was organized with participation from many different companies including current users of FIM, groups considering FIM, Microsoft product group representatives as well as third party integrators.

There were presentations of FIM deployments in real world situations including how the product was deployed, how obstacles were overcome and the end-user reception of the functionality provided to them.

Thanks to Simon Thorpe (of Microsoft) for organizing the event. Hopefully this event can continue to grow so discussion can grow among the organizations to share improvement in how to do things in FIM and meet others who are working with it! Smile

Anyone in the area who is interested in future instances of the user group are encouraged to leave comments here. Let’s try to keep this ball rolling! Smile

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4 Responses to FIM2010–Bay Area FIM Users Group

  1. Steven Archibald says:

    Just found this. I would be interested. Is there a place to sign up for events/meetings?

  2. George Blombach says:

    Yes, I am interested in more events like these.

    • I’ll post news of them when I hear of them here. The primary organizer at Microsoft has moved on so we’re trying to get things restarted. It was a great first meeting but we have to try to get more people involved for a more frequent, perhaps even quarterly type event.


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