FIM2010–Beware of “Zombie” Approvals

This is one of those interesting items that pops up now and then when dealing with FIM and workflows. I’ve recently made some major changes to some approval workflows and pushed the changes to a production environment. What ended up happening however, is that any approvals that were queued that used the old workflows that were deprecated were no longer operable.

The approvals simply hung around in a users approval queue and threw an error that the system was unable to complete the approval when either accepted or denied. The just continued to lurch through the system like “zombies”.

The removal of the “zombies” was available using two options:

1. If the owner was frustrated that they had all these hung approvals, it was possible to create an MPR and go in and delete the offensive objects thereby removing them from the queue.

2. The “zombies” appear to have a shelf life and have started to age out of the system using the normal 30 day object expiration (after the timeout period has expired).

I’m continuing to monitor this however, it was an interesting little side effect that I hadn’t quite anticipated when making the change to how the approvals were being completed in the environment.

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