FIM2010 R2–Handing Referential Updates in the Sync Engine

I was on a support call with Microsoft today and learned something that, I have to admit, wasn’t something I had really dug into as it was in the deep dark hole of the FIMSynchronizationService database.

Apparently within FIM 2010 R1, the link table for the referential data held a lot of extraneous information including things like DN instead of just the GUID values. This can cause significant performance increases when there are a large number of referential objects that are renamed within a synchronization process (all fear the “referential integrity” checks after the MA seems to have finished processing.

FIM 2010 R2 has reduced the amount of data in the link table thereby reducing the overhead to manage the referential data. I’m currently in the process of seeing how much of a performance update is gained by this however, anything that may reduce the overall amount of referential integrity checks in the MA’s would be greatly appreciated. That said, my “devil’s advocate” side asks whether these reductions on the benefit of speed remove any of the robustness we’ve seen in the previous instances of the synchronization engine.

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