FIM2010–Don’t forget the Resource ID in the Event Viewer…

When troubleshooting workflows and such in a production environment, the event log will fill with errors that say something similar to “Workflow Instance <resource ID> failed” or some similar message but still with the embedded resource ID. The error messages can seem both complicated and confusing as isolation of the problem while searching through the requests to find a correlating time stamp can be both arduous and time consuming.

Don’t forget that the resource ID in that message is very important and extremely useful. Everything in the portal is a resource, even a workflow instance. As such, the troublesome workflow can quickly be found by searching for the resource ID using the “Search Resources by Resource ID” search scope on the home page.

Cutting and pasting the resource ID in the event viewer message into the search scope parameter quickly allows you to find exactly what workflow threw the error so you can take a closer look at the steps that were being executed when the failure occurred.

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