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FIM2010–Preloading Data to Avoid Long Synchronizations

It happens all the time, we have a set of data that is being synchronized on our dataset but then a change occurs. The change is fairly significant in that it is the addition of another attribute (or removal for … Continue reading

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FIM2010–Don’t forget the Resource ID in the Event Viewer…

When troubleshooting workflows and such in a production environment, the event log will fill with errors that say something similar to “Workflow Instance <resource ID> failed” or some similar message but still with the embedded resource ID. The error messages … Continue reading

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CISSP Certification Awarded…

Woo hoo! I was awarded my CISSP certification. The resume/experience review took a while but this is certainly one of the certifications I wanted to add. Happily added the logo to the “Who’s Blain” page. For those who are wondering … Continue reading

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