CISSP Exam Results–Passed!!!!

I am really happy about hitting this mark. I spent a lot of time preparing and got through the exam. I have to admit, waiting almost the full six weeks for the results was agonizingly painful. I left the exam feeling confident but hearing all the horror stories of people who were confident that got that unpleasant surprise of a failing mark had me second guessing myself a bit.

Thanks again go out to Eric Conrad, my instructor for the SANS CISSP Boot camp, who helped me put the last few pieces of the puzzle together in my weaker domains. I strongly recommend his study guides including the “Eleventh Hour CISSP Study Guide” which I used religiously in the days leading up the exam.

Now to get my endorsements and resume in order to finish off the certification requirements… Smile

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2 Responses to CISSP Exam Results–Passed!!!!

  1. gilly05 says:

    When did you take the exam? I took it March 17 in Los Angeles and I’m still awaiting results. It’s killing me!!!

    • I took the exam on February 11th and it almost took the full 6 weeks for the results… so I’m suspecting based on my experience you will be waiting for another 3 weeks or so for them… It is a crazy painful wait!

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