CISSP Training

I’ve been really tied up of late studying for a bunch of different certification exams including Microsoft and CISSP… of particular note is my CISSP exam which is coming up in a week or so…

I’ve been doing a lot of studying for the CISSP as my experiences in some domains are pretty limited (although for access management I think I’ve been around that bush a few times). To that end I recently took a boot camp to help me ramp up on my weaker domains (physical security, etc). The boot camp was offered by SANS ( as their MGT414 course and my instructor was Eric Conrad. The course really helped me to solidify the knowledge I had been gleaning from books and really helped launch me forward on the curve of understanding some of the nuance and terminology that I otherwise was not exposed to.

Note that although its called a bootcamp, there is a requirement to have some security knowledge. This is not like a Microsoft bootcamp where you will be able to simply go to it and pass the exam. There is a LOT of content to cover and this helps provide/solidify everything that you’ve been studying and show what domains you’re weak in allowing you to focus in on it.

Hopefully in a month or two I’ll be able to update my credentials to include the CISSP certification. I have 6 hours and 250 questions in my near future to find out.

Many thanks to SANS and especially Eric for a terrific course.

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2 Responses to CISSP Training

  1. Good luck on your test. Randy W and I both passed last year. As part of the certification you’ll need some verifiers of you work experience so let us know if you need it.

    From experience, it’ll take about three weeks until they let you know if you passed. Then they’ll need a “custom” resume highlighting your relevant experience. They’ll validate it for you but it is quicker if another CISSP validates in advance. It’ll take another three weeks following submission for them to issue the acutally credentials and certificate. Don’t get frustrated waiting; it’s all par tof the process.

    • Thanks much for the luck. I think I’ll do okay. I’ve been doing a lot of little self-tests and such and so far they’ve all been well over the passing grade so I have some wiggle room. 🙂

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