FIM2010-Hotfix 4.0.3594.2 is Available but…

I was seeing some performance issues on my synchronization server and this hotfix was found that has major database changes to the synchronization engine which I’m now going into testing however, reading the release notes, there is one area of concern. Issue #2 in the “Fixed issues in Sets and Query” section states:

Revised the FIM “Query and Sets” features to correctly treat percent signs, underscores, and opening brackets as literals instead of as SQL wildcard characters.

Before applying this hotfix, make sure that you have updated any sets, queries or groups so that the set definitions are not changed such that the membership is affected. This can have some serious consequences in cases where you have a “transition out” MPR that fires when the objects leave a set using the wildcards that previously worked.

Microsoft has stated that this was not a documented or supported feature so therefore, as a workaround, it is no longer valid.


  • I have installed the hotfix in an environment and I did get some of the synchronization server performance increases as expected.
  • The “wildcard” conversion to “literal” conversion noted above affected the search scope queries as well as was expected (but accidentally omitted above).


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