FIM2010–Schema Planning for Attribute Display Names

Sometimes when you’re working along and doing design work some of the basic system functions may escape your thinking. This can be especially true when planning schema development and how those elements are going to be displayed within the system. Here are some key things to note about schema development.

  • When calling for the display name and description within an RCDC, the configured value in the “overrides” will take precendence. Therefore if you set your my:caption={Binding Source=schema, Path=attribute.DisplayName}, the override value is used.
  • When using the summary tables within the RCDC’s. These values appear to be the values configured for the DisplayName at the attribute level.
  • If you’re using the approvals in the portal, the attribute is identified by the system name of the attribute.

Admittedly, the last two items are contrary to what is expected based upon the training materials where the override values are present within the context of the attribute being used. It appears however that only the RCDC is aware of the context and the appropriate binding particular overrides.

So, that said, plan accordingly for how the data will be used in the FIM portal. The attributes that are being presented back to the end users should be looked at to validate how the naming should be managed.

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