FIM2010–Copying Reference Values in the Portal

I’ve been continuing my work with the reference values for group objects which the portal does by using references and found an interesting issue that I thought I would identify here (and most likely on connect).

I have a multi-valued reference value in the FIM Service. I want to copy the value, verbatim from the source attribute, so that I can replace a value set in depending on if an object is managed or not. Interestingly enough, I end up getting errors when doing this using Function Evaluator. I can copy the single reference value attributes without any problem however, when dealing with the multi-value reference attributes I consistently get errors thrown during post processing.

The work around for this was to have a workflow that enumerated and compared the two attributes to add and remove the reference values from the target as required. Not ideal however, it is working and performing the task as required.

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