FIM2010–RCDC Errors and Corrections

Okay, we’ve all had it happen. We’ve created an RCDC and gotten some unexpected errors. Then we’ve had to go through and do the troubleshooting to find them. Here is the list of of some of the errors that I have run into and how to fix them.

Accidental Nesting of Controls– Cut and paste errors abound in my life apparently and there have been a few instances where I have cut and pasted controls inside another one. This of course caused an error and if it goes uncaught, will make sure the RCDC won’t render.

Uninitialized Boolean Values– If you’re using a boolean value to indicate whether or not a control is visible or not, the RCDC fails to render if the boolean is not set to either True or False. Remember that the boolean values have three states in FIM2010 – True, False, Unset.

Updates Not Being Caught– This one was interesting and in my case, it came down to my binding for the “value” property not having a closing brace “}”. The control rendered fine, however, whenever I went to add a value, it wasn’t showing up on the summary, nor was it being written to the database. A closer look indicated there was a problem with the value setting.

UocIdentityPicker Search Window Displays an Error– In this case the RCDC worked fine on the surface, rendered cleanly and seemed to operate okay. This problem came down to the fact that I had selected two different object types (Person, Contractor) but didn’t have search scopes identified properly using the usage keywords. Once the proper keywords were in place that identified the search scopes for the selected objects, the window rendered correctly.

Spaces in the Control’s Name– If you’re defining a control, make sure that you don’t put a space in the name of the control. Similar to “<my:Control my:Name=”Blains Control…” as this will cause an error and the RCDC won’t render. I have to admit, it was a silly error on my part but it took me a while to find.

Anyway, I do hope you find some of these tips helpful as RCDC’s can be fairly complicated to troubleshoot!

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