FIM2010-Setting Boolean Constants in the Synchronization Engine

In many implementations I like to use Boolean flags to confirm whether or not a certain activity or data condition exists within a user account. This can differ from the functionality of the “Detected Rules List” as there may be two or three flags based upon different sets of conditions.

That said, there are cases where I simply want to use a constant Boolean value for a flag (say adObjectPresent) and set it within the Synchronization Engine GUI. I have found that in some cases, the flag changes to a numeric representation upon export and reimport of the Management Agent configuration between systems.

To work around this, I simply use the rules extension project and use a single line:

mventry(“adObjectPresent”).BooleanValue = True

This ensures that I don’t end up with the import/export issues I’ve seen.

(Note that this doesn’t seem to be an issue with the declarative rules which is another option for working around this).

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