FIM2010-Usage Keyword Application

Sometimes, you just have to be persistent and keep digging around to find the information you need on a feature of a product. Usage Keywords seemed to be one of those elusive little items for me. This morning I finally managed to track down the beast and get a good example of the application of the Usage Keywords to provide access to a set of navigation bar resources (and is applicable to home page resources as well). The link to the example is at and the specific text of the example is under the heading of “Grant Permissions to a certain Set of Users to Different UI Configuration Resources”

The methodology for implementing the changes follows all the same general security mechanisms that are used to grant access to other items. Therefore, a few steps are involved with the creation and use of the new keyword. To summarize:

1. Define a resource with the new Usage Keyword.

2. Define a criteria based set of resources that are using the Usage Keyword.

3. Define a set of users who are able to view the resources with the assigned keyword.

4. Define a request MPR:

    • The MPR is setup to grant permissions.
    • The requestors is the set of users who are able to view the resources protected by the assigned keyword. (step 3 above).
    • The target before and after is the set of resources that are defined with the keyword (step 2 above).
    • Set the “read” permissions for the object for “all attributes”. (You can play with this to find what ones, if any, can be removed and a list of specific attributes defined.)

Anyway, I thought it was a handy little thing to find as the usage keywords were a little bit of an enigma to me initially and I kept missing this example that helped me through it.

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