FIM2010-Don’t Forget the Usage Keywords..

Okay, I like to post things primary when I have a “Eureka” moment or a “Duh” moment. Regrettably for me, this appears to be one of the latter ones for this go round.

The ever ubiquitous keywords managed to reach up and bite me today. I was playing with some portal look and feel customizations so that basic users would be able to manage both the distribution lists and security groups. I went through my normal checklist for the tasks on granting security and making sure the appropriate MPRs were enabled.

Upon logging in, the security group settings weren’t there. After spending a couple hours looking at the MPRs (which obviously weren’t at fault), I suddenly flashed into the fact that keywords could be in play.

Comparing the distribution list home page and navigation bar items to the equivalent items in the security group list found that the “BasicUI” keyword was not present.

Ah well, I blogged about it so I hopefully remember it for next time… Smile

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