FIM2010–Troubleshooting RCDC’s

One of the most common threads I see floating around is how to effectively troubleshoot RCDC’s when you’ve made edits and then it doesn’t render correctly (and in most cases, just gives the “Advanced View” and an error).

The manual validation approach can be very frustrating. This is where you manually go through the RCDC and make sure that you have done everything correctly. Regrettably, it is one of the only methods we have currently to do this task.

The easiest way I have found to do manual validation is to simply “comment” out all the controls that I have manually added. If I have added multiple controls on multiple groupings, I will block on entire groupings initially. It comes down to the old grade school problem of how to find out which bag from nine given to you contains the lead instead of gold.

By process of elimination, slowly and deliberately uncomment the different groupings. After each time you’ve uncommented the grouping, upload it to FIM and do the IISRESET so that it will take effect. Create a new entry or navigate to one of the existing objects that the RCDC will apply and see if you still get the error. If you don’t, the error isn’t on that grouping and you’ve eliminated those controls.

When you get down to finding the grouping that the errors are on because you go to the object and it doesn’t render, then you start looking at the controls themselves. Remark out all the new controls you’ve added. Then again, add them back in one by one. Sometimes if I’m feeling sure, I’ll add two or three in depending on how many I really have to troubleshoot. Do the IISRESET and see how the object renders again.

After a bit of repetitive work. you’ll find the problem node and be able to fix it correctly.

Hope this saves you a little bit of time and frustration staring at a large XML document. Smile

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