FIM2010-Uniqueness Checking In RCDC’s

I was playing around in an environment the other day and remembered a couple settings that I was chatting with some others about that were really handy if you have uniqueness requirements for a field that is editable by the user community.

To set it up, you need to add a property to the the property is called UniquenessValidationXPath.

The format for the property is:

<my:Property my:Name=”UniquenessValidationXPath” my:Value=”<xpath filter>” />

For an example, I have added this property to my DisplayName attribute in the RCDC for the create and edit actions. The XPath filter itself is

/Person[DisplayName=’%VALUE%’ and not(ObjectID=’%ObjectID%’)]

So the complete control looks like:

<my:Control my:Name=”DisplayName” my:TypeName=”UocTextBox” my:Caption=”{Binding Source=schema, Path=DisplayName.DisplayName}” my:Description=”{Binding Source=schema, Path=DisplayName.Description}” xmlns:my=””>
    <my:Property my:Name=”Required” my:Value=”{Binding Source=schema, Path=DisplayName.Required}” />
    <my:Property my:Name=”Columns” my:Value=”34″ />
    <my:Property my:Name=”MaxLength” my:Value=”64″ />
    <my:Property my:Name=”Text” my:Value=”{Binding Source=object, Path=DisplayName, Mode=TwoWay}” />
    <my:Property my:Name=”UniquenessValidationXPath” my:Value=”/Person[DisplayName=’%VALUE%’ and not(ObjectID=’%ObjectID%’)]” />

So now when I try to enter a duplicate displayname in my user object, I end up with the error “This value already exists. Please try a different one.” (shown in the picture below) when I try to navigate to the next tab.


Note that in the filter itself, there is a reference back to the object ID of the current object.

/Person[DisplayName=’%VALUE%’ and not(ObjectID=’%ObjectID%’) ]

This is required for the Edit RCDC as the filter always returns a positive match for the displayName value if the object exists within the environment already. Hence the extra step of filtering out the objects with the same Object ID became required.

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