FIM2010–New Hotfix 4.0.3573.2 is Available

There is a new hotfix available for FIM2010. The details of the hotfix can be found here. As one of my coworkers noted, this appears to be a rewrapped version of a similar patch released a while ago that had a regression issue.

It is a bit of a monster at 160 MB again but this gives me plenty of time to browse the fixes whilst its downloading. Smile

One of the key improvements noted in the documentation is that it has the updated capability for “faster” FIM export jobs which is very important as sometimes these can take days or longer depending on how many objects you have. I’m going to be rebuilding a test enviroment for a client from scratch and do the initial portal load again. I’ll apply this patch to see how it works…

Another one of interest is that pesky Synchronization Rule error when updates to the synchronization rules in the portal seem to lead to an invalid sync rule error when a full synchronization is run. That has happened to me on a few occassions and although I found that changing it to an “inbound/outbound” rule and then back to a strictly “outbound” seemed to fix the problem, it was still frustrating.

Interesting note about the “case only changes” on the synchronization engine going to the portal as well. “Issue 9: Case-only changes that are made to existing attributes are not applied to the FIM service database even though the Requests are marked as Completed.” If this is a full fix, that would be awesome because the “exported-change-not-reimported” errors are becoming a real PITA!

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