FIM2010 Sync Engine–Errors With MA Configurations with Constant Boolean Values

I have been working with a Management Agent that I had built and as part of the configuration I have a declared constant flow into a Boolean value for “true”. I have noticed that on some occasions when I have either been editing the MA or simply trying to export and import it into a new environment I get an error that there is an invalid attribute flow to the Boolean attribute.

For some reason and at seemingly random intervals, the synchronization engine decides that the value “true” is equivalent to the value “1” in the advanced rules flow constant field. This throws an error as the sync engine expects either “true” or “false”.

The quick and easy workaround for this is to create a rules extension project for the MA with a simple attribute flow defined in the appropriate spot where the constant value is assigned with code:

mventry(“booleanAttributeName”).BooleanValue = true

Granted this can be a bit of a PITA if you only have the rules extension for that one constant but it does prevent the import errors from causing difficulties when migrating configurations from one environment to another.

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