FIM2010-Extension DLL Name Length Errors

I had an error on a client site where I kept getting “Stopped-Extension-DLL-Load” errors on my console. After some research, I found a few items which were interesting (such as not building in the proper .NET framework revision, etc) however, nothing that seemed to apply to my situation.

The client was using a very long DLL name that conformed to their development standards of using the namespace as the DLL name. It appears to be an issue limited to the length of the DLL name itself as the path was only about 85 characters long total including the name space based DLL (well below the Windows path length restriction of 260 characters).

Shortening the name of the DLL worked fine. We didn’t test it down to the overall length of the DLL name however, less than 37 characters seemed to work fine (not including the extension “.dll”).

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