What is the meaning of “Today” in Temporal Sets and Groups

A co-worker and I were playing with some temporal sets and we noticed a bit of strange behaviour when working with the criteria definition of <attr> is prior to “today”.

Simply put, the value of Today that is used in the criteria is Now. If your datetime value is prior to now versus today, it will be a enumerated as a member of the set. The granularity of the event seems to be limited down to the second for the testing we did however, I doubt that neither Bob or I am capable of discerning, let alone testing to the millisecond.

This is illustrated in the examples below using October 27th as “today” and the current time being 2:52:30 PM. (The last 3 columns are relative to “Today”)

User Attribute Prior to Equal to After
October 26th True False False
October 27th 1:00 AM True False False
October 27th 2:52:29 PM True False False
October 27th 2:52:30 PM False True False
October 27th 2:52:31 PM False False True
October 27th 5:00 PM False False True
October 28th False False True

Note that the actual criteria do not allow you to use an “equal to” setting and I had always found that peculiar but now I have a better understanding as to why that is.

Remember, that temporal groups will not recalculate the memberships until either the SQL Agent Job runs at 1:00 am or there is some other change in the actual attribute values themselves making up the criteria of the group/set.

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2 Responses to What is the meaning of “Today” in Temporal Sets and Groups

  1. Taufeeq says:

    Hi Blain,
    These are very good and rear collections information about FIM. I was just looking around to connecting FIM using its web services throught java client. Are you planning to wrote about it in near future? It will be of great help if you could provide some pointers on connecting FIM using Java client.

    • Hi there,

      I have to admit, I’m not a huge coder. I know there have been some others who have been working with Java as an overlay to the portal itself to increase functionality (Edgile having developed FIMEdge to expand the portal functionality for this purpose being one I’m most intimately familiar with) but I don’t know that I’ll be adding anything to the blog about it as it really isn’t a sweet spot for me. I have targetted this blog to more capture those silly little “a-ha” moments I have now and then while working with the product.

      Thanks for following the blog!


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